Barco ClickShare – what is it exactly?

Transform any meeting into a dynamic and interactive experience for all attendees with one of the Barco ClickShare products. This way you can easily share your screen with the entire meeting by using the ClickShare app or the ClickShare button. No annoying installation is required, and you will not get in trouble with this wireless solution. But what is ClickShare anyway?

Start meetings with a single click!

The ClickShare technology

ClickShare is a handy solution for companies that spend a lot of time in meetings. At these meetings a lot of things can go wrong technology wise, sometimes it´s difficult to connect and start the presentation system, with the ClickShare presentation systems this won´t be a problem. The ClickShare presentation systems consist of a base station that connects you to your network and the screen that you want to use during presentations. Additionally you need to use the ClickShare Application or a ClickShare button to share your screen during the presentation.

The ClickShare button is available in two types with handy USB connections one with a USB-A  connector and one with a USB-C connector. With the app or the button you only have to press to share your screen with the presentation, so you do not waste time on starting up all equipment.

There are several Barco ClickShare models that are all slightly different, to make everything a little clear, we have listed them here with a number of interesting points.

The Barco ClickShare Products

CS-100 HuddleCS-100CSE-200CSE-200+CSE-800
Type of roomHuddle roomsSmall roomsSmall to medium sized roomsCollaboration roomsBoard rooms and conference rooms
Number of simultaneous users11228
Number of simultaneous connections88101664
Resolution1.920 x 1.0801.920 x 1.0801.920 x 1.0803840 x 21604.096 x 2.160
Whiteboard & annotation
Number of provided ClickShare buttons01224
Compatibility  iOS and Android app iOS and Android app iOS and Android app Google Cast, AirplayiOS and Android app Google Cast, Airplay and Windows Wireless Display iOS and Android app Google Cast, Airplay


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