In this blog we will try to explain the difference between the terms VoIP and SIP. When you are looking for IP telephone equipment, the information on the subject can be overwhelming. There are a large number of terms and acronyms used by different providers. Therefore, we will try to explain the difference between the two terms below.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, or Voice over IP. Audio is converted into digital signals. The telephone system is connected to the company’s local network (LAN) and is given a fixed IP address. The VoIP devices are then connected to the computer network (LAN) using a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch. VoIP thus works wirelessly, allowing you to call anyone in the world. You can even make calls to conventional network phones for a small fee.

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Session IP or Session Internet Protocol. It allows the use of devices that are connected to the company’s computer network. The SIP telephone exchange can be connected in two ways: With the Internet or via a Backbone. Backbone can be compared to the Internet. It is managed by one entity. Most users, in the IP telephone field, use SIP. Simply put, SIP is responsible for the initiation, maintenance and termination of calls made over the Internet. The vast majority of VoIP devices use it, including most IP telephones. However, there are a few

Are VoIP and SIP different from each other?

Yes, VoIP and SIP are different, but they are not competing technologies. The main difference between SIP and VoIP is their size. VoIP is actually not a discrete technology, but a family of technologies. SIP is just one of the technologies under the VoIP ‘umbrella’.

Should I buy a SIP or a VoIP phone?

As explained above, there are no significant differences between the two, as all SIP phones are VoIP phones. The vast majority of VoIP clients (fixed VoIP phones or softphones) use the SIP standard. Companies often sell their products as ‘VoIP’ phones, VoIP is a much more widely used term than SIP.

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