With this selection of our analog senior phones, you will discover simple and easy to use products. In this article, we present you the models of the brand Swissvoice. The products mentioned are designed to answer the problems that older people could encounter when using a modern and small phone. They will provide them with all the necessary assistance so that they can easily communicate with their relatives.

Wired analog phones:

Wired analogue models are standard desk phones with a handset connected by wire to the telephone base. These have special features that greatly assist the user while keeping the standard qualities of a classic phone.


Swissvoice Xtra 1110

Senior phones
The Swissvoice Xtra 1110 is a senior deskphone with large keys. So, it’s easy to type a number more clearly. Moreover, the base has photo and emergency shortcut keys so you only have to press them to call the assigned numbers. This product immediately and clearly alarms its owner. It has an ultra-powerful ring and a light indicator that turns on for each incoming call.

Useful characteristics:

  • Keyboard with big keys
  • 6 shortcuts with photos including 1 for emergency / SOS
  • Ultra-powerful ringtone (up to 85 dBs)
  • Light indicator for incoming call
  • Compatible with hearing aids

Swissvoice Xtra 1150

téléphones pour personnes âgéesThe Swissvoice Xtra 1150 is one of the best analog senior phones. It was designed to help as much as possible its users in their telephone communications. This model also has a keyboard with big keys. But also a backlit display with large characters. Furthermore, there is a voice read function of the caller’s name and of the selected keys. Volume settings allow you to boost the handset and ringer audio.

Useful characteristics:

  • Keyboard with big keys
  • Backlit display with large characters for easy reading
  • It repeats caller’s name and selected keys via audio sound (7 languages available)
  • Ultra-powerful ringtone up to 85 dBs
  • Compatible with hearing aids

Swissvoice Xtra 3155

téléphones pour personnes âgées

The Swissvoice Xtra 3155 is a senior phone composed of two parts. First, it contains a telephone base with a wired handset and a keyboard (big keys). Then, it includes an additional wireless handset with its base and a backlit display. The model also has the function of voice reading of selected keys and 8 shortcuts with photos on the wired basis. You can extend this pack by adding up to 5 additional handsets per base.
Useful characteristics:
  • Keyboard with large keys
  • Additional wireless handset with backlit display
  • 8 shortcuts with photos and selected keys read via audio sound (7 languages available)
  • Expandable with up to 5 additional handsets per base
  • Integrated answering machine with 30 minutes of recording
  • Compatible with hearing aids

Wireless telephones:

The wireless picks are standard senior phones equipped with a small base station and a cordless handset. The base has a built-in charger that charges the cordless handset when it is placed on it.

Swissvoice Xtra 2155

téléphones pour personnes âgéesThe Swissvoice Xtra 2155 is a wireless telephone with large keys and a large backlit display. There are 4 shortcuts with photo on the small base station with built-in charger. It also has an ultra-powerful ringtone and a telephone book of 100 contacts. Finally, it has an integrated answering machine with 30 minutes of recording.

Useful characteristics:

  • Wireless landline phone with large keys
  • Backlit display with large characters
  • 4 call shortcuts with photos
  • Ultra-powerful ringtone with up to 85 dBs
  • Audio read of selected keys (7 languages available)
  • Compatible with hearing aids

Swissvoice Xtra Handset

Senior phones
The Swissvoice Xtra Handset is an extra DECT handset for senior phones. It has no keyboard to dial a phone number. The handset only has 4 shorcut keys with photos to which you assign numbers. This extra wireless handset is compatible with other Swissvoice phones: Xtra 2155 and Xtra 3155. Finally, the phone has a visual light indicator and a hands-free mode.

Useful characteristics:

  • Wireless DECT phone (extra handset)
  • 4 shortcuts keys with photos (no keyboard)
  • Compatible with Swissvoice Xtra 2155 and Xtra 3155
  • Hands-free mode

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